The You Are project is a short documentary involving a young group of women who expose their insecurities and words of hope. The script was written by them. They own their 'word(s).' Inspired by Brene Brown, the Self Worth Project and the LIFE and LOVE God has for every person, this movie clip is about telling your whole story, diminishing shame, and taking hold of the LIFE and purpose God has for us.

The Making of the YOU ARE PROJECT

A group of girls aged between 13 and 19yrs were invited to be part of this short movie clip. The expectation was not easy. Each girl was asked to come up with one of their insecurities. It had to be there's to make it real. This was difficult as insecurities are something we don't often talk about as they make us feel ashamed, guilty or like we are not enough. But they are part of us and part of our story. Each girl was also asked to come up with a word that described a HOPE or something that gives makes them feel like they have purpose and life. Filmed on a Saturday afternoon, it took us three hours, courage, bowls of loliies, a few laughs and a few tears to get the movie done. Meanwhile, Cain Coulton wrote and recorded the soundtrack for us to help tell the story of the YOU ARE PROJECT; we do not need to be defined by our insecurities. God has a hope, a plan and a purpose for all of us and thats what we can choose to be defined by. Tony Gatman Photographer filmed, edited and produced the movie clip for us.

The girls tell their stories

After filming, we invited several of our girls to tell the story behind their word(s). Finding the language to describe their feelings and experiences wasn't easy.

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Cain Coulton wrote and recorded the soundtrack for the YOU ARE project. Click here to hear the story behind the soundtrack.