You Are HBC Yr7 2020

A special workshop for Year 7 girls ONLY

Saturday 26 September 2020, 1pm - 6pm, at Mission North Church, 9a Wainui Rd, Silverdale

By submitting this form you are applying for a scholarship to You Are Whakatane. This does not guarantee you will be awarded a scholarship and does not mean you are registered for You Are Hibiscus Coast Yr7. You will receive an email from the You Are Team to either confirm or decline your scholarship application.

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As the parent or legal guardian of the child/children attending the conference (hereinafter referred to as: Parent), I hereby register my child for the ‘YOU ARE’ Hibiscus Coast Yr 7conference 2020 to be held at Mission North Church, 9a Wainui Rd, Silverdale.

I understand that the conference hours are 1pm - 6pm Saturday September 26th.

I understand that the You Are Charitable Trust is based on Christian values and that Biblical values will be promoted throughout the conference.

I understand that photos and/or video footage may be taken during the conference. I hereby give permission for my child’s photo/group photos/video footage to be published on the YOU ARE website and/or any future ‘YOU ARE’ promotions and publications. Other conference participants may take and distribute images or recordings via social networking sites or independent websites or reports. The You Are Charitable Trust can take no responsibility for material or images used in this way.

In case of cancellation a refund will not be issued nor will a part refund be issued if the cancellation happens after the conference has begun. Please let the organisers of the conference know about a possible cancellation as early as possible.

I declare that I have disclosed all known illnesses, physical limitations, disabilities, ailments, or impairments or any other relevant information of my child which may affect my child’s ability to participate in the YOU ARE conference in the conference official registration form.

The You Are Charitable Trust does not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by participants or other persons involved in the conference, or loss of, or damage to their personal property as a result of the conference or related events. I hereby release the You Are Charitable Trust, their trustees, their facilitators, their operations team, their mentors and any other representatives of the You Are Charitable Trust from liability for any accidental injury or illness which my child may incur as a result of participating in the You Are conference. I hereby assume all risks connected therewith and give consent for my child to participate in the conference. In addition I hereby give consent for emergency medical care as prescribed by a duly licensed Doctor of Medicine. This care may be given under whatever conditions necessary to preserve life, limb, or the well being of my child or others.

I have read all of the above and hereby understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

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