Any one of these words can be used to describe me.

Not because I have a yellow streak down my back. Not because I walk around with a sword in my hand. Not because I am an adrenaline junkie or because I have hairy feet. I can be any of these because in every decision I make, in every situation I find myself in, I must choose which one I will be.

Will I choose the way of the Coward full of fear and hesitation? Do I need to be a Warrior and fight my way out of or to something? Is it the Adventurer full of curiosity and seeking new experiences that will win? Or will I choose the Hobbit, happy to sit back, do nothing and stay where it is safe and warm and everything is comfortable?

It’s not other people who define me. I define myself and create the landscape of my life through who I choose to be. Who I choose to be in the tough situations and who I choose to be in everyday life.

A friend says something, or does something that I know is wrong.  Do I say something?  Or am I afraid of backlash or tension in the friendship?  Or should I choose to fight for my friend in a battle he/she may not even know they are in? Who I choose to be, how I choose to act not only defines me, but also sets the framework for every relationship in my life.

As a High Schooler, if I choose the way of the Warrior against my parents, what is my life going to be like?

As a parent, if I choose to sit back and say nothing to my child whose decisions concern me, if I choose the Hobbit, does anything positive come from that?

If I am about to enter into a new stage of life, leaving school, starting a new job, or maybe a new relationship, is the Adventurer the person I need to be?

In each of the circumstances,  as in much of life, there are pro’s and con’s to who I choose to be.  I need to make sure I am making these choices wisely.  I need advice and guidance – I need the user manual for my life.

Good thing there is one. 

God, our loving creator, knew we would struggle with decisions. He knows we’re human and sometimes we look at a situation in our life and all we can say is, “ Ummmm…..” So He has given us the Bible, His word for guidance and His Spirit for comfort and support. 

Life is moving. It never stands still. Even when we think nothing is happening, things are on the move. Science tells us that everything in nature is either growing or dying .  And I think that is true of us as well.  We are either moving forward, growing – spiritually, emotionally or we dying.  Nothing of value lives stagnant.  My life and yours are of tremendous value.  So what are you doing to grow?

I am trying to be more self-aware.  Recognising things in myself, and to be honest, it ain’t all pretty. But that’s ok, because the Adventurer in me says, “What can we do to improve that?” And the Warrior says, “ We’re going to do what it takes to make it better!”

Sometimes the Coward interrupts and reminds me of the insecurities I feel. That’s when the Warrior brings out the sword and quotes from the Bible about how “ …we are not given a spirit of fear...” and reminds me to  “…be bold and courageous...” 

Sometimes the Hobbit wants to just do nothing, because that’s easier.  But God can use the Hobbit too. “…He makes me lay down in green pastures and leads me beside still waters…”  There’s a time for Hobbits. And there is a time for Hobbits to move.  If you’re a Tolkien fan you’ll know that more than one Hobbit became a Warrior and Adventurer as well.

I think we all have the Coward, the Warrior, the Adventurer and the Hobbit in us.  Recognising if we are hiding behind them or using them to create a better landscape for our lives comes from spending time with the One who truly knows us and loves us as we are.

I want to encourage you to spend more time learning about yourself, by learning more about the One who created the masterpiece that is You.
It could be reading the Bible, singing, spending time with friends having meaningful conversations about Him or maybe, if let your Adventurer out- spending time with Him. Prayer, yes.  But I am talking about a conversation.  Build a relationship.  That my friend will be a life-long Adventure!

Written by Rechelle McNair