Hi and welcome to our first YOU ARE blog. We are going to keep things fresh and new every month. We have a handful of women who are going to contribute to our blog line up so you will be inspired and challenged about everything GIRL; style, friendships, social media… etc. Our hope is that we encourage you on your way to finding the best version of yourself. Whether you are a teenager or a mum of a teenager thanks for joining us. To kick off our first blog I was inspired by a movie I saw last week. Enjoy. Vanessa x

“The Maze Runner” had me on the edge of my seat. I won’t give much of the storyline away but the plot obviously includes a maze (of giant proportions) and a group of teenage kids who have to find their way out. Some of the kids have been there a long time and some have just arrived. They have learned to survive around the dangers and managed to make a life for themselves inside the maze. Everyday the maze opens and some are brave enough to venture through it to find a way out and return before it closes at night. Did you pick up on the important word in that last sentence? #some

As I watched “The Maze Runner” I couldn’t help thinking about that happy place we all love to be in, our ‘comfort zone.’ It’s a place where we feel comfortable and it usually means we have control of our lives when we are in it. There is nothing wrong with that but there is something within us that wants more. The ‘some’ who dare to go out of their comfort zone and take risks become our hero’s and that’s why we love movies like “The Maze Runner, “”Hunger Games” and “Divergent.” Not because we agree with all the violence (although some of you might like it #notme) but because they are about a young person or people who dare to do something brave and courageous. They question the norm. They move beyond their comfort zone because they know there is more and we love them for it. We imagine ourselves doing the same thing.

Life is like a maze. It’s one big maze that you are making your way through and up until now, your parents have been guiding you through it as best as they can. As a teenager, you are starting to go on parts of the maze (life) alone.  It’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. There is one thing that is certain. You will find a lot of ‘dead ends.’  You will think you are making the right choice and think you are going the right way but you will discover it goes nowhere. Let me tell you, its normal. Yes, you will have regrets and yes you will make mistakes but its at these times that you will get a better idea of where to go next (and where not to go again). Keep going because you will find your way through. Like the maze runner, see the gap and go for it. See the opportunity to try new things (even though you don’t think you have it in you to do it) because even if you fail its better than sitting in the middle of the maze wondering if you could have succeeded. Chances are you will fail more than you succeed but you will succeed eventually and it will feel great. You will feel more alive than ever before. The maze (life) won’t be the biggest challenge. It will be other people. Yes, people.

People will be quick to tell you that you you can’t do it.  Watch the movie and you will spot them. Where people are trying to do something brave there will often be a couple of people telling them to not do it. They will tell you to stay in your comfort zone. In my experience, they do that because it makes them feel better about staying in their comfy place. It makes them feel better. Surround yourself with people who see your potential. Who you can trust. Who tell you you can do it. Who believe in you and will cheer you on.  If you allow Him to be, God will be your biggest cheerleader. He says YOU ARE designed for a purpose and plan that no other can fulfill so that means you have a mission that only you can do. It may take guts. It may take you to the limit of your comfort zone and even beyond. But you can do it. I know you can. You don’t need to be another Tris, another Katniss or another movie  hero, you just need to be yourself.  


Teenagers are watching you closely. They may watch movie hero’s like “The Maze runner” but ultimately they are watching you….. how you live life….how you speak about yourself….how you face mistakes….how you pick yourself up when things don’t go right and you hit a dead end….how you speak about others.
You are the most powerful influence in their life and they will watch to see how you run the maze of life.